When is a school required to transport a student according to the 2.5‐mile rule? K.S.A. 72‐8302, sets out the three situations where students must be transported. 1. School is located outside the corporate limits of a city and it's 2.5 miles or more from the residence of the student. 2. School is located inside the corporate limits of a city and the residence is outside the corporate limits and it's 2.5 miles or more to the school. 3. Residence is located in one city, school is in another city and it's 2.5 miles or more from residence. If the student lives in No Name City and the school they attend is in No Name City, the district is not required to transport the student, regardless of distance. If that distance is 2.5 miles or more, the district MAY transport the student. Prior to the 2015 legislative session the school district received funding based on a formula for each student over 2.5 miles. The usually traveled road is normally defined as the most direct route. The distance is measured by KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education) Auditors from the front door of residence to front door of school using the most direct route. Also, 2.5 miles is a hard line, KSDE Auditors do not round up.